Susan P. Gateley
The Edge Walker's Guide to Lake Ontario Beach Combing 156 pages A guide to public beaches and parks along the south shore of the lake. Includes information on shoreline geology wildlife and seasonal highlights for pebble pickers, hikers and canoers with maps and photos $17.00
Raising awareness of and appreciation for our Great Lake through writing since 1980
Legends and Lore of Lake Ontario published by History Press
Shove off for another exciting voyage of discovery on our great lake with Lake Ontario author Susan Peterson Gateley. Search for monsters, seek out fifty pound salmon, ancient sturgeon and the lake's most mysterious and valuable fish, enjoy ghost stories, tales of mystery, shipwreck, smuggling and triumphant rescues. The collection draws on Iroquois legend, folk tales and out of print U.S. and Canadian sources. $19.99
The Edge Walker's Guide to Lake Ontario Beach Combing 156 pages published by Whiskey Hill Press
Public beaches and parks along the south shore with notes on shoreline geology wildlife and seasonal highlights. Ideal guide for pebble pickers, hikers and canoers. Includes maps and photos $17.00
"Saving The Beautiful Lake" an environmental history of Lake Ontario, the most polluted great lake- how it got that way, what is being done to restore it. It is written for a general New York and Canadian readership with a purpose of education and advocacy. The issues explored during a cruise around the lake aboard an old gaff rigged schooner are relevant to all the Great Lakes and to some extent to surface freshwater everywhere.
Ariadne’s Death Heroism and Tragedy On Lake Ontario 96 pages, photos published by Whiskey Hill Press
Dramatic shipwrecks, rescues, and close calls on Lake Ontario between 1840 and 2002. The phantom barque, and the heroic beer cooler will keep you turning the pages. $9.50
Twinkle Toes and the Riddle of the Lake published by Whiskey Hill Press

In this improbable but mostly true and always entertaining tale for ages 12 and up, a crabby cat, a lousy navigator and an old wooden boat journey to Canada's Main Duck Island in Lake Ontario to find answers to a mysterious disappearance. The first part of the book is told from the prospective of Twinkle Toes the cat, a grumpy but courageous member of the ship's company. Part Two includes extensive appendix of emerging environmental issues and maritime and regional history notes. $15.95
Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario-published by the History Press

Lake Ontario has a long and eventful maritime history. Events on the lake have shaped national boundaries and international affairs, have built wealth and visited families with tragedy. Brave men and women working on the lake helped build two countries. Schooner captains cooks and crews got 'er done, one board, one barrel, and one hot meal at a time. The lake has seen war and bloodshed and acts of courage and selfless sacrifice by true heroes. Enjoy some of their stories in this short survey of Lake Ontario history during times of war and peace. $19.99
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